Monday, September 29, 2008

SC Half Ironman

This is not how I envisioned my first half ironman...

Gameplan=go moderately conservative on the swim and bike. Split the half marathon up into approximately four 5k's. The first 5k is easy. The middle two build to a pace I feel I could maintain. The last one is either go as hard as I feel or cruise in at my current pace. Result should be around 5:15:00.

Acutal=good swim. Felt ok the whole way. No major problems, but did clear my goggles three times so I could sight. I came out of the water at 37:25, right on target! T1 was only 1:41 even with my wetsuit getting stuck on my left ankle. Bike started well. The first 15 or so miles are the largest hills. I cruised through them with no worries. First bottle hand off was good. Everything feels great, then "pop" Was that what I thought it was?? Maybe not. Mile the road uneven or something?? Then I look down and the front tire is nearly flat!! Crap!!! Ok, no problem. I have my patch kit and two CO2 cartridges. I make it up the next hill and repair the puncture. 10 minutes or so wasted. No big deal. Get going again. Catching a bunch of riders. Then in the right hand turn of mile 21...flat again! Stop and find the first "repair" didn't hold. Fix again. 15 minutes wasted again. Get going. Mile 25. Flat! That's it, no more CO2. Day is over.

So I was obviously disappointed, but it could be worse. While I sat on the side of the road for 45 minutes waiting to get picked up, I had some time for prospective. #1. God is still in control. Who knows other than Him why I was pulled, but I trust that it was exactly what I needed that day. #2. You never appreciate the mountain top without going through the valley. There will be another day to race and the end will be all the more sweet after experiencing this. #3. I am incredibly blessed to compete at all. I had a great swim and great start to the bike. This is just another learning experience. #4. If triathlon were for sissies, then everyone would be doing it!!!

I will be back!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hartsville Olympic Triathlon

Another age group win. This was a race of highs and lows throughout. I had the best swim ever at this distance (1500m). I found a guy about 200m into the swim that passed me but was not flying, so I got on his feet and was able to draft him the entire rest of the swim. Thanks Dude!!! This helped in two ways: 1) You swim faster 2) He was sighting well, so I didn't have too. I just zoned out and watched for his feet. Time: 29:01, 22 OA.

T1: Uneventful but a little slow. Time of 1:07

The bike was a two loop course. I struggled through the first loop. It climbed up from the lake for about 5-6 miles and I couldn't get my heart rate down from the swim. There finally were a few good downhills and I got myself together. I definitely negative split the second loop by a long shot, and finished with a respectable 19.3mph average speed. Time: 1:23:26, 31 OA.

T2: Took time to put on socks, so slower than my sprint T2's. Time of 0:50

The run was hot and hilly. There was zero shade and it was all on asphalt roads. There was plenty of aid stations, so I kept the water in me and on me to stay hydrated and as cool as possilbe. I wanted to walk so bad several times, but just kept moving. My pace was well off my expected times, but I passed several good runners who were either walking or barely shuffling their feet. Time: 46:23, 10 OA.

Total Time: 2:40:44, 14 OA.

Everyone wants to win, few want to prepare.