Saturday, July 11, 2009

Injury Update

Yesterday I saw a Physical Therapist (PT) for the first time to evaluate and work on this groin injury. He said he can definitely tell there is swelling still in the area, nearly two weeks out. The treatment consisited of an evaluation then some light stretching (which at the beginning was not going to good). Then he had a massage therapist come in and that hurt but definitely helped. Then the PT came in with an ultrasound unit and some kind of topical creme. After 5 minutes with the ultrasound and the massage, I could tell a difference. The PT then repeated the stretching from before. I would say my range of motion was at least 40% improved! I was very surprised at the difference. After he was finished I asked if they had any stationary bikes because I wanted to ride for a few minutes and test it out. I went 10 minutes at a steady effort with no pain!!!! I have appointments for MWF of next week. I hope to really train some next week. No hard efforts, but I need to get moving some. I think that being ready for the Greenville race in August is a real possiblity.


Nick said...

That was a nasty groin pull! I'll be praying that it heals up quick and stronger than ever. I've had that ultrasound treatment (I think they called it ion something) and it was helpful. Keep working on it!

Chris said...

Dude, I am totally stoked to hear that you PT and therapy is helping. I agree with Nick saying dude that was a nasty pull. Keep working through it. I'll be praying for quick recovery and complete healing my friend!

At least now maybe I have achance of beating you on the bike! ;-)

JT said...

Thanks's still pretty weak and unstable, but really better at this point than I anticipated 24hrs after it happened. I can swim freestyle and push off the walls fine, but running is no good. I might test the bike on the trainer some next week. Thanks for the prayers!! JT

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